Frankfort Arts Association's "PART of the Family" Exhibit

The Frankfort Arts Association (FAA) will host PART of the Family Art Show from March 20 through June 20, 2024 at the Village Hall.  Residents are invited to bring a 4” x 6” photo of their pets to the Village Hall to be included in the exhibit. Just drop off your 4"x 6" photo to Frankfort Village Hall by March 11, 2024. Visit for more information.

Photos will not be returned.

May be art of text that says 'FAA AT FRANKFORT VILLAGE HALL PART of the Family MARCH 20 -JUNE 20, 2024 Xim Ogle Bring a 4" 6‘ photo of your pets to Frankfort Village Hall and we'll include it in our exhibit! Photos will not be returned. KIM OGLE Drop-off Deadline: March 11, 2024 ANK ASSOCIATION ASSO VILLAGE OF FRANKFORT EST.1855'