Branch Pickup


The Public Works Department offers the following guidelines and helpful hints for tree and tree limb removal in the Village of Frankfort:

General InformationThe Village of Frankfort maintains the parkway trees throughout the community. A parkway is generally defined as the area between the sidewalk and the road. Trees located in this parkway are maintained by the Village of Frankfort. The Public Works Department will provide periodic pruning of the branches on these trees to remove low level branches which cause problems with pedestrian and vehicular traffic. In addition, Public Works will prune trees that inhibit sight lines at intersections and roadway signage such as stop signs. Low level branches also cause problems for trucks when sweeping streets and removing snow and ice from roadways.

Storm Related DebrisDuring a wind and/or rainstorm, tree limbs and branches and in some cases, may come down due to the storm. In a minor event where there are isolated pockets of damage the Public Works Department will remove the limbs and branches that fall from parkway trees ONLY. In addition, any limbs, branches, or trees that fall from trees on private property but are blocking the roadway or alley right of way will be removed off the right of way by the Public Works Department. In no instances will the Village of Frankfort remove tree limbs, branches or trees that fall from private properties. Local ordinance does allow citizens to remove storm related debris from backyards, side yards and front yards in minor storm events. (Please follow Branch Pick-up Guidelines)

Branch Pick-up GuidelinesNo full trees will be accepted and/or anything cut by anyone other than the homeowner. Only branches 1 inch in diameter or larger will be collected (smaller materials do not go through the equipment properly). Branches over 12 inches in diameter must be cut into 18-inch lengths and will be picked up by a separate truck later in the day. Please stack all branches neatly, with cut ends facing the street for easy removal by the Village of Frankfort. Residents who notice a parkway tree limb/branch hanging or down from a storm should contact the Village of Frankfort Public Works Department at (815)469-2177.

2023 BRANCH PICK-UP Schedule

April 3, 2023 through October 9, 2023.

We ask that all residents have their branches by the curb by Monday morning. The Public Works department will start collecting branches subdivision by subdivision starting on the east side of the Village and work their way west. This is a few days process, so your branches may not be picked up until the following day. 

If a holiday falls on Monday, branches will be picked-up the following day.  Branches must be placed out by 7:00 a.m. on scheduled pick up days, as the brush crew will run their route only once.