Snow Removal

Reminder to ResidentsParking is prohibited on local roads when a 2-inch snowfall occurs. 

This allows our Public Works crew to safely remove snow and ice from our roads.
Parents please warn children about the hazards of digging tunnels in snow piles, especially those along the road.

To effectively snow plow, please remove all basketball hoops from the edge of residential driveways.

Do not blow or shovel snow from driveways onto the streets as this can create a hazard.

Use caution when driving near snow removal equipment.
Don't forget to shovel around the fire hydrant near your property to ensure quick identification in case of fire.

STREET JURISDICTIONSThere are streets within Frankfort's boundaries that are maintained and plowed by other jurisdictions.  The Village of Frankfort Public Works Department maintains streets under Village jurisdiction, but the following are streets maintained by outside jurisdictions: (see below)

Will County Roads In Frankfort:
  • Center Road - South of Steger Road
  • Laraway Road
Cook County Roads in Frankfort:
  • Harlem Avenue - North of Steger Road
State Roads in Frankfort:
  • Route 30 (Lincoln Highway)
  • Route 45 (LaGrange Road)
Frankfort Township Roads in Frankfort:
  • All Frankfort Square Roads
Green Garden Township Roads in Frankfort:
  • Steger Road - 80th Avenue to S. Wirth Lane

STATE Plowing Map22

VOF Plowing Map22