Street Resurfacing Program

Frankfort Public Works maintains more than 130 miles of streets comprising more than 550 street segments or blocks. Each year, the Public Works Department completes an assessment of the street system to evaluate the need for maintenance.  An engineering company reviews the assessment and provides feedback to staff.  The roads are then selected for resurfacing based on their overall condition and budgetary constraints. 

 In November of 2018, Frankfort residents approved a non-home rule sales tax increase with the focus on public safety and infrastructure improvements.  Since the passing of the non-home rule sales tax measure, the Village Board has significantly increased the street resurfacing budget from $500,000 in FY 18 to $7,000,000 in the current fiscal year to address road conditions.

The Public Works Street Resurfacing Program maintains Village streets through various curb to curb street treatment types, such as grinding and paving and pavement preservation including crack sealing. In addition to the resurfacing work taking place, some curb removal and replacement, as well as some sidewalk and ADA improvements on these streets will be completed. Street surfaces must be routinely maintained, renewed and resurfaced to extend the service life of the pavement by applying the proper treatment type at different stages of the pavement life.

 Click here to download a map of the streets throughout the community resurfaced from 2013 through the 2020 .