Leaf Collection

2020 Schedule
Leaf collection has ended for this year.  We ask that residents refrain from raking leaves to the curb.  Please place in yard waste bags for collection.
  • Please do not rake or blow leaves onto the street. To do so is a violation of village ordinance and can result in a fine.

  • Please rake leaves to the edge of the road or curb. Do not place leaves in the ditch. This can cause flooding and will slow leaf collection.

  • This collection is for leaves only. Piles found to contain grass clippings, twigs, branches or garden debris will be refused. These materials must be disposed of in yard waste bags with a yard waste sticker.

  • One village-wide leaf collection may take up to a week to complete. Crews will begin at the east end of the village and work west. Please call the Village of Frankfort Public Works Department with any questions or concerns (815) 469-2177.

Watch the 2020 Leaf Collection PSA of the On the Job Series below!