Village of Frankfort, IllinoisThe Mayor, Board of Trustees and Village Clerk are elected representatives of the people of Frankfort. They hold part-time positions and their offices are maintained at the Village Administration Building.

The Village is a non-home rule municipality, which means the local government derives its authority directly from the state. The local government operates under the Trustee-Village form of government, with the Village President (Mayor), Village Clerk, and six Trustees being elected at large to serve four year terms. A Village Administrator is employed to oversee the day-to-day operations of the Village and work with the Mayor and Board to develop and implement policy.

Decisions of the Village government are made at public meetings of the Village Board. The Mayor presides at Village Board meetings and six trustees vote on each item of business. The Mayor votes to break ties, to decide an item with three votes in favor, or when required by law. The Village Clerk keeps records of the meetings.

The Village Board is supported by a number of citizen committees and commissions who make recommendations on matters coming to the Board for review. Members of committees and commissions are appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the Trustees.

Except when specifically permitted by state law, all meetings are open to the public and each agenda includes a time for public comment.