Contractor Licenses

All contractors working in Frankfort must hold a valid contractors license.  Any contractor exempt from local licensing requirements must register with the village prior to completing work in Frankfort.  Licenses or registrations are valid for one year from the date of the license or registration certificate, unless terminated earlier for cause.
To apply for a license or register as a general contractor or sub-contractor, please submit the following documents.

Submittal Amount (G.C./Sub)
1. Application - Completed & signed.  
2. Application Fee $150 / $75
3. Copy of valid Driver's License  
4. Certificate of Insurance (original)  
    General Liability $1M / $500k
    Auto Liability $500k / $200k
    Excess Liability $2M / $1M
    Workman's Comp & Employer Liability $100k / $100k
5. Permit Bond (original) $25k / $15k
6. Copy of State License, when applicable.  
7. Independent Contractor Affidavit, when applicable.  
Penalty: $750/day max.; Code of Ordinances Chapter 150.99 (E)