Prairie Park

Prairie ParkPrairie ParkPrairie Park provides over 13 acres of preserved native prairie, natural plants, a walking path and fishing pond.  Prairie Park is dedicated to the preservation of natural tallgrass prairie which predominated the area prior to European settlement and the advent of the steel plow.  Located within the park is one of the last remaining natural prairie areas in Frankfort.  The quality of plant life on the site is very high, with certain species being extremely rare and of the highest value.

Conservation of our Native LandscapeIn 1995, the Village of Frankfort embarked on a program to acquire approximately 14 acres of property to preserve, protect and enhance the native prairie area.  The establishment of Prairie Park promotes the conservation of a native Illinois landscape which is keeping with our area's history.  The site serves as a testament to:

  • protection and enhancement of an existing native tallgrass prairie;
  • restoration and creation of additional native prairie area, wetlands, wet prairie and rocky stream;
  • creation of wildlife habitat and a passive recreational area;
  • application of sound resource management techniques and best management practices for storm water treatment; and
  • promotion of environmental education.