Permits & Inspections

Jodi Blasgen - Building Clerk



A permit is required for:
  1. Doing work within in the right-of-way (e.g. driveway apron, masonry mailbox).
  2. Building a new structure or improvement (e.g. home, deck, shed, patio, elevator).
  3. Remodeling or changing the use of an existing structure or improvement.
  4. Changing grade, installing major landscaping or removing protected trees.
  5. Demolishing a building.
  6. Temporary permission for signs, PODS, or use of land or buildings. 
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All new permit entries will require the creation of an online account. Once created you will be able to access permit applications, share messages and add required supporting documentation for Building Department review. After review, comments or an approved status message will be sent to the email provided on your account.   

Residents are advised that all contractors working in the Village of Frankfort are required to be licensed by the Village. Permits will not be issued until your contractor is licensed. A licensed contractor provides you increased protection from injury claims and improvements that do not meet minimum code standards. It is important to recognize the contractor's license does not indicate or guarantee a level of quality in workmanship. Residents should always check with a contractor's references before selecting a licensed contractor. 


Inspections are required for most building projects.  In fact, new homes must pass at least 23 inspections before final approval is granted. 
A Village Code Official will inspect many projects, however plumbing, electrical and fire inspections are coordinated with outside professionals or agencies. Depending on the nature of your project, inspections might be completed all at once or require multiple visits by multiple experts before approval can be granted.  
Residents are responsible to schedule all required inspections with the Building Department. A contractor(s) will often handle scheduling for the resident, however it is important to remain involved in the scheduling effort to avoid unnecessary delays with a project.