Water - Low Pressure

If you are experiencing low water pressure there's some things to check:

  • Verify on our Home page in the Village website under Report an Issue to see if there's a main break/ leak in your area that might be causing low water pressure.
  • Is the low pressure in one faucet/ location or throughout the home?
    • If low pressure is on one faucet then check the screen on the faucet it might have debries build up and needs cleaning.
  • If you're experiencing low pressure throughout the entire home:
    • Do you have a whole house filter?  If you do has it been changed in the last 30 days?  If not replace and check the pressure to see if that solved the issue.
    • Bypass the water softer to verify if water pressure increases then the screen in the water softner might be getting clogged, call for water softener service.

If you verified everything recommended and it did not solve the low water pressure please contact our Utilities Department at (815) 469-2177.