Village of Frankfort Enhances Brush Collection Program for Increased Efficiency


RANKFORT, FEBRUARY 21, 2024 – The Village of Frankfort is pleased to announce significant improvements to its longstanding brush collection program, which has been a vital service for residents since the early 1980s. This initiative, initially established to provide a convenient and eco-friendly disposal method for trimmed or fallen branches, has evolved over the years, growing in scale and demand.

Beginning April 1, 2024, the Village will transition to an east and west brush route collection schedule.

New Brush Collection Schedule:

  • East Brush Route: First and third Monday of the month (Residential areas east of Route 45)
  • West Brush Route: Second and fourth Monday of the month (Residential areas west of Route 45)
If there happens to be fifth Monday in a particular month, no brush service will be provided. If a holiday falls on Monday, branches will be picked-up the following day.

Branches must be placed out by 6:30 a.m. on scheduled pick up days, as the brush crew will run their route only once.

Significant storm occurrences may result in schedule postponement until a full cleanup is completed.

Guidelines for Branch Collection:

No full trees will be accepted and/or anything cut by anyone other than the homeowner. Only branches 1 inch in diameter or larger will be collected (smaller materials do not go through the equipment properly). Branches over 12 inches in diameter must be cut into 18-inch lengths and will be picked up by a separate truck later in the day. Please stack all branches neatly, with cut ends facing the street for easy removal by the Village of Frankfort.

“The Village of Frankfort is committed to enhancing its services to meet the evolving needs of the community,” commented Mayor Keith Ogle. “We appreciate the understanding and cooperation of our residents as we work towards a more efficient and effective brush collection program.”

For any questions or additional information, please contact Village of Frankfort Public Works Department at 815-469-2177.


2024 Brush Collection Route Calendar