Community Alert
The Village of Frankfort continues to closely monitor the current issues with migrants being bussed and dropped off throughout the state and in Will County jurisdictions without notification. The Village staff and Frankfort Police Department have been working with state, county, and local government agencies monitoring information and creating plans for transportation as needed if a bus were to stop in or near our village. Some questions have been raised regarding creating a local ordinance as some surrounding jurisdictions have to fine the operators of the buses and bus companies. By state law, only home-rule communities have the authority to pass these types of ordinances. As a non-hone-rule community, the Village of Frankfort is limited in the type of ordinances it can pass, however, we continue to work with our attorneys to explore legal means, if any, to prohibit these activities. Ultimately the imposing of fines may not necessarily stop buses from unloading so we would still have to deal with the issue at hand. The village continues to research all available resources to keep all involved as well as our community and residents safe.