Completion of Lead Service Line Replacement Program

Village of Frankfort Successfully Completes Lead Service Line Replacement Program

FRANKFORT, IL - May 16, 2023 - The Village of Frankfort is pleased to announce the successful completion of its Lead Service Line Replacement Program. The initiative, which concluded on October 31, 2022, removed and replaced 93 lead service lines (LSLs) across the Village of Frankfort, enhancing the water delivery infrastructure and ensuring the health and safety of its residents.

Lead service lines, the small pipes that connect the water main to residential water meters, were replaced as part of this program. By removing these aging and potentially hazardous lines, the Village of Frankfort has taken proactive measures to safeguard the well-being of its community.

Funding for the Lead Service Line Replacement Program was secured through a $1,840,535.00 loan from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. The loan, which included 100% principal forgiveness, provided essential financial support for the project. In recognition of actual project costs, the Frankfort Village Board, at its May 15, 2023 meeting, approved a reduction in the final loan amount to $1,030,950.00.

The Village of Frankfort actively encouraged residents and property owners to participate in the program, although participation remained voluntary. Each service line replacement, with an approximate value of $9,000 per line, was provided at no cost to the Village or property owners, demonstrating the commitment to the community's well-being.

"We initiated this program proactively to help ensure the health and safety of our residents and utility customers. We are thrilled that nearly 100% of identified properties participated in the program," commented Mayor Keith Ogle.

By successfully replacing lead service lines, the Village of Frankfort has taken a significant step towards maintaining the integrity of its water supply infrastructure. The completion of this program reflects the Village's dedication to providing clean and safe drinking water to its residents.

For more information about the Lead Service Line Replacement Program and its completion, please contact the Village of Frankfort's Utility Department at 815-469-2177.