Move with the Mayor!

Mayor Keith Ogle Leads Frankfort in Physical Activity Challenge
Mayor Keith Ogle is pleased to partner with the National Forum for Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention to launch Move with the Mayor Frankfort (MWTM). Move with the Mayor is a national initiative that works with mayors across the country to challenge their communities to be more physically active.

Between September 1 and October 15, residents are encouraged to participate with Mayor Ogle in various physical activity events which will be held throughout the community.

“Being physically active can have numerous benefits, such as reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke,” said Mayor Ogle. “Still, it can be hard to fit physical activity into our daily routines. That’s why I am hosting a series of physical activity events for the residents of Frankfort to show that fitting in 30 minutes of activity into even a hectic daily schedule is possible and can be incredibly rewarding.”

For more information on the MWTM initiatives in Frankfort, follow the Village on Facebook.