2022 Street Resurfacing and Maintenance Map

The Village of Frankfort continues to keep its promise made with the passing of the non-home rule sales tax by investing $7 million in roadway resurfacing in 2022.  Mayor Ogle and the Village Board recently approved the expenditure of $7 million for road maintenance and resurfacing – the highest level of funding in Frankfort history. Over time roads deteriorate and it’s vital that the village maintain and improve our village streets to avoid significantly increased costs needed to reconstruct them when they fall too far into disrepair. This is why the village is making historic investments today for a better tomorrow for all. As our residents travel on our roads whether it is to work, shopping, school, or anywhere, it’s important to have well-maintained roads, as we remain dedicated to the very best quality of life in Frankfort for our residents and visitors

Street List here
20220 streeet resurface list
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