The Village of Frankfort with the Frankfort Police Department would like to announce the implementation of the Everbridge communication system, a state-of-the-art communication platform
designed to enhance connectivity between local authorities and the residents and businesses of our community. Like Nixle, this innovative system will serve as a vital tool for disseminating timely updates on village-wide emergencies, road closures, and severe weather events. With an array of advanced features, the Everbridge system offers unparalleled capabilities to ensure targeted and efficient communication during critical events.

Key features of the new Everbridge system include:
  • Address-Specific Notifications: Users can customize their alerts based on their location, receiving information tailored to their address, such as road closures, water main breaks, boil orders, construction projects, and localized emergencies.
  • Multiple Location Entries: Users can input multiple locations, such as home, work, and school, enabling them to receive notifications relevant to specific sites.
  • Diverse Contact Methods: Users have the flexibility to register multiple contact methods, including text messages, voice calls, emails, and the Everbridge mobile app, and designate a preferred method of communication.
  • Mobile Application Integration: The Everbridge mobile application allows users to manage their account and receive notifications conveniently on their smartphones.
  • Customizable Weather Alerts: Users can select specific weather alerts they wish to receive, rather than receiving every alert issued by the National Weather Service.
  • Quiet Hours Option: Users can set quiet hours during which they will not receive non-emergency notifications, ensuring uninterrupted rest and peace of mind.
  • Two-Way Communication: In extreme circumstances, the system supports two-way communication to facilitate dialogue between authorities and residents.
  • Emergency Notification Reach: The system can reach all village residents and business owners in extreme emergencies, utilizing commercially available phonebook information, even for those who have not signed up.
Existing Nixle users will be transitioned to the new Everbridge system. However, to access the enhanced features and receive location-specific notifications, users must sign up and create an account in the new system. Failure to do so will result in receiving only village-wide notifications. Mayor Keith Ogle expressed confidence in the Everbridge system's ability to improve communication and enhance community safety, stating, "The introduction of the Everbridge system represents a significant step forward in our efforts to keep our residents and businesses informed and safe during emergencies. We encourage all  community members to sign up and take advantage of this valuable resource."

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