Kidswork Museum Update

The Village of Frankfort was recently made aware of the Kidswork Children’s Museum announcing a potential move to New Lenox. The Village of Frankfort had planned to have the Children's Museum come to our next committee meeting as they had requested, to make a presentation about their future. We were not made aware that they would be making any final decision prior to this meeting.

I spoke with Ms. Belinda Basso, Museum Board President this morning and she has agreed to attend the April 12th Committee of the Whole meeting as previously planned and make their presentation before the Frankfort Village Board and answer questions.  

The Village has been a long-time supporter of the museum providing financial support since its inception. It is important for the residents to understand the financial impact taking over the museum would have on the Village's budget as has been suggested by the museum leadership.  

We hope to have more information in the near future about this important matter. 

Mayor Keith Ogle