Road Maintenance Program Update

UpdateAs local aggregate quarries reopen and and begin operating, the Frankfort street resurfacing program will begin a little later than planned. The bid winner PT Ferro stated it will take two weeks to restock their aggregate piles before paving can begin, however curb and sidewalk removal began 7/27/2022

Due to the delay in starting the decision has been made to possibly suspend some streets for this construction season. The delayed street segments will still be completed under this contract, however will be either late in the construction season (if weather allows) or if time does not allow these streets will be completed at the beginning of the spring 2023 construction season. No streets will be started that cannot be finished before the weather turns cold, due to the winter weather creating a safety hazard for both residential traffic and snow removal equipment. The streets highlighted in yellow on this map (and listed below) are still planned to be competed either before winter or in the spring.  

The street segments chosen to be delayed are south of the CN tracks and west of Route 45. This area was chosen was to minimize the contractors mobilization, they are working from east to west. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Village of Frankfort Public Works Department 815-469-2177. 

2streets revised 2022

Inked2022 revised street map