Village Officials Sworn In at May 3, 2021 Village Board Meeting

MAY 4, 2021 – At the Village Board meeting on Monday, May 3, 2021, Keith Ogle was sworn in as Frankfort’s first new mayor in 16 years.  Mayor Ogle has served on the Frankfort Village Board since 2013 when he was appointed to Village Clerk and later appointed to Village Trustee in 2015. Will County Judge and former Frankfort Mayor Ray Rossi administered the oath of office to Mayor Ogle, newly elected Village Clerk Katie Schubert, incumbent Trustee Eugene Savaria and newly elected Village Trustees Michael Leddin and Daniel Rossi.

Families and friends of the new Village Board members were in attendance.  Before the regularly scheduled Village Board meeting was held, Mayor Ogle took a moment to thank the voters of Frankfort, “When this journey began last September, I told the voters of Frankfort I wanted to be part of making Frankfort a better place to live, not just for today, but for tomorrow.  We need a place for our young families as well as our senior citizens and everyone in between.  I meant every word of that and with the support of this Village Board and staff, I am sure Frankfort will continue to be a community we can all be proud of.”

The Mayor, Board of Trustees and Village Clerk are elected representatives of the people of Frankfort and serve four-year terms.  They hold part-time positions and their offices are maintained at the Village Administration Building.  The Village Board meets the first and third Monday of each month at 7 PM at the Village Administration Building, 432 W. Nebraska Street.