Targeted Incentive Program (TIP)

The Targeted Incentive Program (TIP) is an economic incentive program which is intended to stimulate private investment in key commercial areas of the Village. The goals of the TIP are to:

  • Foster implementation of the Village’s Your Frankfort Your Future Comprehensive Plan
  • Encourage business/property owners to expand, rehab, renovate, beautify, or upgrade existing buildings, interior space, and exterior space, including building facades and site landscaping
  • Encourage business/property owners to construct new buildings for commercial or mixed-use development
  • Bridge any financing gaps for private investors to achieve market reasonable rates of return
  • Facilitate the occupancy of vacant space
  • Facilitate the development of undeveloped land
  • Attract and retain business activity

For more information please refer to the program flyer.
Targeted Incentive Program Overview