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The purpose of the daily crime log is to report initial information about criminal incidents reported to or by the Village of Frankfort Police Department. The Frankfort Police Department does not guarantee (either expressed or implied) the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, or correct sequencing of the preliminary information released here. The information should not be used for comparison purposes over time as it may change as the investigation evolves. The Police Department is not responsible for any error or omission, or for the use of or the results obtained from the use of this information. This department assumes no responsibility or liability beyond the initial dissemination on this website.

The information may reflect or include the following:
  • Information not yet verified by further investigation;
  • Preliminary crime classifications that may be changed at a later date based upon further investigation;
  • Information that may include mechanical or human errors; and
  • Arrest information (Note: arrested persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law);

Due to the preliminary nature of these reports, media outlets are cautioned to confirm any information not contained in a News or Press Release issued by the Frankfort Police Department prior to reporting it.  In accordance with Illinois law and FPD policy the Police Department does not release the following categories of information through this website:

  • Juvenile Law Enforcement Reports
  • Details and identities of persons regarding attempted suicides and mental health reports
  • References to individuals that are suspects only but have not yet been charged or arrested
  • Identity of victims or details of a reported Sexual assault

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Individuals who desire more information may make a public information request regarding a specific case by written request to the Frankfort Police Department, at 815.469.9435.  For more information about the police blotter or media inquiries please contact FPD at admin@frankfortil.org.

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    Police Blotter
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    Police Blotter
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