Investigations/Patrol Methods

INVESTIGATIONSThe Investigations division is headed by the Deputy Chief of Operations, Special Services Sergeant, and has two full-time detectives assigned to the unit.  There are several ways for an investigator to become involved in a case.  Often, after a uniformed officer has taken the initial complaint and they have completed the preliminary case work and follow-up, the report will be forwarded to the unit for additional investigation. Some of the criteria used to determine follow-up for the unit include: suspect information, witness statements, vehicle information, physical evidence, crime patterns and method of operation.  The cases are reviewed by the Police Administration and forwarded to the unit for supplemental investigation.  The cases may be closed administratively if no other information can be gathered; these cases can always be reopened once information has been developed.  Cases may result in an arrest, restitution or be forwarded to the State's Attorney for review. 

The Investigations division also works closely through cooperative efforts with other municipal, county, state, and federal agencies to help clear serious crimes of mutual concern.
Investigation responsibilities:
  • Investigation of criminal activity
  • Interviewing and interrogating persons
  • Case reporting and case management
  • Case preparation and presentation in court
  • Development of confidential informants
  • Development, storage and dissemination of intelligence information
  • Background investigation of prospective employees
  • Participation in South Suburban and Will County Major Crimes Investigation Task Force
    If you have a tip for investigations feel free to call 815-469-9435 or email investigations at  To leave an anonymous tip call 815-464-2400.

PATROLPatrol's main responsibilities include protecting the persons and property of the citizens of Frankfort. Other duties and responsibilities include enforcement of criminal and traffic laws and ordinances; the prevention and investigation of crime and delinquency; the apprehension and detention of violators; and the preservation of order and related police services.

UTV PatrolThe purpose of the All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and Utility Vehicle (UTV) is to supplement normal patrol by allowing for patrol of areas not accessible by a patrol car. Patrol areas include but are not limited to the Plank Trail, Recreational Trails, Park District property, construction area and other specific problem areas.  These patrols can also include residential streets and parks.  All UTV/ATV officers are required to participate in and pass a Safety and Operation course before being allowed to operate the UTV/ATV. 

Walk and Talk
Frankfort Police believes that working with the community creates a foundation of trust, cooperation, accountability, and teamwork. Officers regularly perform "walk and talks" in commercial areas, parks and neighborhoods.  This encourages interactions with community members and makes officers welcoming for open communication with the residents and the public.

Community Service Officers
We have three CSO's assigned to the patrol division. They provide a large array of services to our department. These services include, but are not limited to:
  • Parking enforcement
  • Ordinance enforcement
  • Animal complaints
  • Accident investigations
  • Traffic control
CSO's are civilians and do not have any police powers of arrest. These officers benefit the community by allowing our patrol officers to concentrate their efforts on service, criminal  and preventative patrol for our community.