Cadet Program

The Frankfort Police Department is Accepting Applications for Police Cadets

Applications are now being accepted for "Police Cadets" by the Frankfort Police Department.
  • Between the ages of 15-21
  • Be a high school student with a C average or higher
  • Have had no negative police contact
  • Able to provide evidence/references of positive, productive character traits
  • Be willing to volunteer personal time to be part of Police/Community activities.

The cadet post offers young people who feel they may want to enter the criminal justice field an opportunity to get an in depth look at the workings of a police department, day-to-day activities done by officers, with actual hands on, role playing scenarios.

The post also will offer cadet members assistance in preparing for the police testing process, including the POWER test, group and one-on-one interviews.

To Learn More Contact:

Frankfort Police Dept
815 469 9435