Country Market Rules & Regulations


These rules and regulations must be read and then acknowledged and signed to submit this form.

To participate in the Frankfort Country Market, repeat sellers must submit a completed application, insurance certificate, rules and regulations acceptance form, indemnification certificate and full payment as specified on the market application. New sellers should submit a completed application only until approved by the market committee. Application, insurance certificate, rules and regulations acceptance form, indemnification certificate and total fee are all due no later than January 31, 2020 (no exceptions). 

Prepared Food & Producers 
A Prepared Food & Producer seller is any person offering for sales articles of human consumption, such as fruits or their juices, vegetables, edible grains, nuts and berries and apiary products or non-edible articles such as cut or potted flowers, articles which have been raised, prepared or manufactured by the seller, members of his/her family or by persons in his/her employment. A producer must allow the Market Manager to inspect his/her farm, have all permits, licenses, and insurance policies necessary to operate his/her business and provide copies to the Market Manager upon request. Farm inspections will be made during the growing season by the Market Manager as necessary. 

A Vendor is any person offering for sales articles that are NOT prepared food or plants as described in the category for Prepared Food & Producer. Examples include but are not limited to pet products, handmade garments and landscaping accessories. 

1. The collection of Illinois State Sales Tax is the responsibility of the seller. For more information call 1-800-732-8866. Village of Frankfort sales tax rate is 8%/1.75%. Proof of sales tax payment (IL State Tax form ST-1 or ST-2)—2019 forms must be attached to application. 

2. All sellers must provide a certificate of insurance naming the Village of Frankfort (including their address) as additional insured for coverage of $1 million per occurrence and $2 million aggregate coverage for general liability. This is not the same as “certificate holder”. The following statement must be included in remarks section of certification, “Village of Frankfort is an additional insured”. 

3. Vehicles will not be allowed to remain in the market without prior approval by the Market Manager. Sellers with trailers must submit appropriate application fee for parking needs. (i.e., if your truck and/or trailer together are 25 feet long, you will owe for three (3) spaces). 

4. The seller’s market space is not transferable. All sellers will be assigned to market space by the Market Manager. Seller relocation may be approved at the discretion of the Market Manager. The Market Manager reserves the right to assign and change market space assignments. 

5. A general listing of all products and specialty items must be submitted to the Market Manager prior to market for his/her review. The Market Manager has the authority to stop the sale of items that he or she alone determines do not meet the guidelines of the market. 

6. No radios or stereos are allowed during the market hours other than the music provided by the market. 

7. No vendor refunds. 8. No A-Frame signs allowed; no pennants or flags allowed. SELLER DISPLAY 1. The State of Illinois requires vendors to post their name and contact information. Signage/banners cannot exceed the following: Banner: 3’ x 10’; Signage: One sign only listing product and pricing size not to exceed 4’x 

8’. The Market Manager must approve signs. 2. Prices of all items must be clearly marked and in full view of the customers

1. The State of Illinois requires vendors to post their name and contact information. Signage/banners cannot exceed the following: Banner: 3’ x 10’; Signage: One sign only listing product and pricing size not to exceed 4’x 8’. The Market Manager must approve signs. 

2. Prices of all items must be clearly marked and in full view of the customers.

3. Sellers must furnish their own display tables, chairs, drop clothes, display arrangements, weights for tents, and rain protection as they will not be supplied by the market. The market is open-air, no shelter is provided. 

4. The Frankfort Country Market is a smoke-free and alcohol-free environment; vendors included. 

5. Only organic growers may display a sign using the word organic. 

6. Delivery trucks and all other equipment used for transportation and display shall be kept clean at all times with adequate protection against contamination to products. 

7. No seller shall attract attention to his goods by hawking or “crying out”. 

8. For safety reasons, all tents must be tied down immediately upon set up. Weights must be 20-25 pounds each if not tied to your vehicle. A $25 fine may be assessed for non-compliance as determined by the Market Manager. 

9. Sellers are not allowed to have individual picnic tables, umbrellas, etc. for seating. 

1. Sellers may only sell fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, baked goods, plants, and/or prepared foods that are grown or made by the seller. No buying/reselling of fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, baked goods, plants, and/or prepared foods is allowed. 

2. Fresh produce may be sold by the piece, or by weight on a scale that is legal for trade and bears a current seal. The face of the scale must be visible to the buyer. Scales used in prepackaging are not subject to state testing; however, produce so packed is subject to inspection to verify the accuracy of the claimed weight. Most produce is sold in volume containers or by the count. When produce is precut and wrapped, a label must be applied to the package to clearly indicate the complete business name and address of the packer or distributer. The label on prepackaged produce sold by weight must also show the commodity name, net weight, price per pound, total price and, if packed other than on the premises, the business name and address. 

a. All fresh berries, cherries. Currants and other small fruit may be sold, if in the bulk, in standard-sized containers such as quarts, pints, standard dry measure, etc. The fruit must be uniform in size or sold by the numerical count. 
b. Melon may be sold by the count. 
c. Corn may be sold by the half dozen or multiples. 
d. Root crops may be sold by the piece or by the bunch. 

3. The source for all bulk products such as dried fruits, edible grains, dried herbs, nuts and seeds must be identified and displayed. 

4. It is recommended that any perishable items such as fresh fruit juice, cider, sprouts, etc., must be kept at a temperature of 40° F or below in a container that is approved by the Will County Health Department. 

5. Product “dumping” below fair market value is prohibited except when the product is identified to purchaser as being of inferior quality. 

6. No unwholesome or spoiled articles may be offered for sale such as cracked melons, overripe tomatoes, worm infested corn, etc. 

7. Certified organic growers must display certification. 

8. All food must be stored at least 6 inches off the ground. 

9. All baked foods and on-site prepared food sellers must have acquired all necessary licenses and permits prior to the market season and furnish copies to the Market Manager before entrance to the market as a seller. All sellers must be in compliance with all Will County Health Department rules. 

10. The sale of fish, eggs, or dairy products shall be permitted as long as the seller is in compliance with all state laws and/or Will County Health Department rules and regulations covering such products sold at the market. 

11. Sellers who sell items for human consumption must pass inspection and have an appropriate permit from the Will County Health Inspector prior to selling at the market.

Sellers’ sales and display area must be kept free and clear of unsightly and dangerous debris. Sellers must remove all waste and refuse from their spaces and market areas before leaving for the day. Garbage cans are for market shoppers only. Sellers must remove all glass items, crates, boxes and miscellaneous garbage at the end of the day. Any garbage remaining must be in a heavy duty, tied bag and left by vendor garbage cans. Failure to comply with proper garbage disposal/removal/cleanup will lead to a $25 fine per occurrence or suspension from the market as determined by the Market Manager. An additional fee may be charged by the Village of Frankfort if the Public Works Department is required. 

Market season: The Frankfort Country Market is held on Sundays from April through October with the exception of the weekend of Bluegrass Festival and Frankfort Fall Fest (Labor Day). The schedule is set annually. 

Market Hours: 
The market will operate from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM for all three seasons: spring, summer and fall. 

Market Location: The market is located in in historic downtown Frankfort. (Kansas & Oak Streets). 

Market Set Up: Sellers may set up as early as 7:00 AM, but no later than 30 minutes prior to opening of the market. Failure to do so may lead to a $25 fine per occurrence or expulsion as determined by the Market Manager. Except for emergencies, no vendor will be allowed to enter the market after designated arrival or at the discretion of the Market Manager. 

Market Tear Down: Sellers should not pack up or begin tearing down no earlier than 15 minutes prior to the close of the market. Tents should remain up until the close of market. Sellers are not allowed to leave the market early except in the case of an emergency. Failure to comply may lead to a $25 fine per occurrence or expulsion as determined by the Market Manager. 

NOTIFICATION OF ABSENCE Sellers must submit to the Market Manager, in advance, any dates they know they will be absent from the market. In case of absence, a courtesy call must be made to the Market Manager no later than 30 minutes prior to the market opening. A maximum of three (3) absences is allowed in a market season (excluding emergencies). Non-compliance will lead to fines and/or suspension from the market. Kevin DelGrosso from the Village of Frankfort is the Market Manager; his cell number is 708-701-1779. 

MARKET WEATHER AND CANCELLATION POLICY We expect the Frankfort Country Market to happen rain or shine. However, the safety of our vendors and attendees is our primary concern. The event may be delayed or canceled due to any one of the following: high winds, tornado warning, tornado watch, thunderstorm, lightning, or any other extreme weather or safety condition. The decision to either delay or cancel the market will be made by Market Manager. Vendors will be notified via email before 9 AM in the event severe weather is in the forecast. If severe weather is imminent during market hours, the Market Manager will instruct vendors to pack up and leave. Failure to comply may result in removal from future market dates. The Village of Frankfort reserves the right to close the Country Market at any time for the safety of vendors and shoppers. The Village of Frankfort will not be held responsible for any losses or expense incurred because of a market cancellation or weather/safety emergency. No refunds will be provided. 

 All vendors must park in one of the public parking lots designated in the downtown district. Street parking is allocated for downtown Frankfort businesses and their customers.

Sellers must at all times conform to the Market Rules.

The Market Manager will be the enforcement officer and he or she has the authority to fine, move or suspend vendors.

The Village of Frankfort reserves the right to adjust the market rules and regulations as needed in order to better serve the buying public and maintain fair competition among sellers. All sellers will promptly be notified of any such changes.

By checking here   and signing below, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the rules and regulations outlined above. 

A copy of these rules will be given to the employee(s) staffing my booth during the 2020 Country Market season.