Request for Proposals - 2 Smith Street

The Village of Frankfort is seeking sealed contract purchase proposals from anyone interested in purchasing the property commonly known as 2 Smith Street, Frankfort, Illinois.

The Property is located within Property Index Number (s) (PINs) 19-09-21-410-014-0000, 19- 09-21-410-015-0000, 19-09-21-410-016-0000, 19-09-21-410-017-0000 and 19-09-21-410-024-0000. The Property is approximately 0.56 acres+/- (24,415 square feet+/-). It is zoned H-1 Historic District by the Village of Frankfort.

Frankfort will accept sealed contract purchase proposals from interested buyers until 12:00 o'clock p.m. local time on March 21, 2022. Contract purchase proposals may be withdrawn prior to 12:00 o'clock p.m. local time on March 21, 2022. After such time, Frankfort will close the proposal process and all submitted contract purchase proposals will become final unless the Village reopens the proposal process, in which case all contract purchase proposals may be amended and resubmitted during the reopened term. Sealed contract purchase proposals will be opened at a public meeting on or after April 4, 2022. Once opened, the contract purchase proposals are public documents that may be published for public inspection in any format deemed appropriate by the Village of Frankfort. To assist potential purchasers in determining their offer price, potential purchasers may register with the Village of Frankfort during regular business hours to acquire a "Due Diligence" packet from Frankfort's Village Hall located at 432 W. Nebraska, Frankfort, II 60423, any time prior to submitting their contract purchase proposal.

Click this link for the full RFP.

Any questions relating to available incentives and calculations for waiver of fee requests should be directed to Mike Schwarz, the Director of Community and Economic Development at

All questions regarding the Due Diligence Packet, the Agreement or other relevant matters will only be accepted in writing via email to Village Administrator, Robert Piscia at