Will County Laraway Road Project Information and Public Comment

Laraway Road Expansion

April 22, 2021
– The Village of Frankfort encourages residents to review and comment on the Laraway Road expansion project.  

Laraway Road (CH 74) is a county highway located in parts of Frankfort, New Lenox, and unincorporated Will County. The limits of this study are from the intersection of Cedar Road (CH 4) to LaGrange Road (US Route 45), which is approximately 4.5 miles long. Laraway Road is a two-lane road under the jurisdiction of the WCDOT. The area surrounding Laraway Road is primarily agricultural fields and open space with existing residential subdivisions, commercial properties, and institutional (Hickory Creek Middle School) developments. The area is expected to continue to develop and with that, it is anticipated that travel demands will only increase. The intent of the project is to address the capacity of the roadway to accommodate future traffic demands while ensuring a safe and efficient traffic flow.

Comments can be sent directly to Will County via the comment link or you can email the village directly.